Explore, Invest and Settle on Mars

10,000 UNIQUE collectible parcels of Mars, covering the entire planet, with proof of ownership stored on the blockchain.

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Each card will yield a 4% rewards reward in perpetuity only to the first owner/minter

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Each card represents a parcel of Mars with unique coordinates.

Not all parcels are the same size or have the same attributes and, therefore, the cards have different values.

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To the best of human knowledge

The topography, water data, temperature ranges and colony conditions are accurate and compiled from the state of the art research.

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[Updated on Sep. 8 2021]

Plans sometimes have to change. We want to make the best out of MarsGenesis and we had to slightly amend our timeline. It’s all for the best. Thank you for your understanding.


Stage 1

10,000 parcels available to mint

We released 10,000 parcels of Mars, covering the entire planet. Each card is unique, with unique attributes, a unique design and will yield a 4% rewards in perpetuity for each first owner or minter.


Stage 2

“The Martians”

We will release 10,000 Martians as 3D avatars. All unique, all different, and randomly generated. The Martians will come as a free mint to all Mars Genesis card owners that own at least one parcel before October 15, 2021 11:59 pm UTC.


Stage 3

The Battle of Martians

The Martians will be part of an optional game called The Battle of Martians. If you own a Martian, you will be able to challenge another Martian from a different faction and win their Martian. One of the first NFT PvP games where you can lose your NFT to someone else.


Stage 4

The Vehicles

We will release Vehicles, Rovers & Spaceships to go to Mars. They will come as free NFTs to all current Mars Genesis owners. The more cards you have, the more vehicles you’ll get. The attributes of your card will also play a role: e.g. only Ideal and Premium cards will receive a Spaceship.


Stage 5

The Battle of Mars

Your vehicles and your parcels will play a big role in the “Battle of Mars”. Conquer Mars and become the first emperor of the red planet.